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KBW Machinery aims at providing clients with perfect industrial dryers for thermal process. Now we not only hold a big share on domestic market, but also are active on the international market. We now have established industrial drying system in Malaysia, US, South Africa, India, etc.

Engaged in industrial drying and bulk materials handling for many years, we grow up a team who could provi


As an experienced manufacturer & exporter of rotary dryer in China, we are proud to be an expert in this area. We would provide feasibility study, pilot plant, consultant service and after-sales service for the ones who need rotary drum dryer.

Many factors influence the function of rotary dryer. Material size, shape, bulk density, initial & final moisture content, capacity, rotatat


Rotary drum dryers are mainly applied in several categories:

Biomass: sawdust, wood chips, wood shaving, bagasse, chicken manure, vinasse, forage, distiller’s grain, pomace, cassava dregs, alfalfa, rice husk, spent grain, EFB, palm fiber, etc.

Sludge: grinding sludge, chemical sludge, municipal sludge, sewage sludge, paper sludge,

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